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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 4, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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we take you to nashville to see how your tax dollars are being spent. and why we're under code yellow alerts all weekend long. 9 news talks to a local teenager. this is 9 news now.
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it's same-sex kiss day as supporters of same-sex marriage targeted chick-fil-a restaurants for their demonstrations. the controversy is now more than a week old but shows no signs of slowing down. >> here's tonight's installment. >> anita and derek, this started when the ceo of chick- fil-a told a national radio audience of his opposition to same-sex marriage because of his religious beliefs. that caused anti-chick-fil-a protests which in turn gave birth to counter protests and tonight, more anti-chick-fil-a protests nationwide. participants in same-sex kiss day. ceo don cathy says his company supports the biblical definition of marriage. >> i feel anybody has a right
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to love who they love. >> reporter: kevin enjoyed the reaction of passersby. customer chris schaefer was not having an equally amount of fun. >> i think it's kind of disgusting. >> reporter: earlier this week, supporters of what they call traditional marriage walked to chick-fil-a's nationally to show their support of the chain. >> i believe a ceo should have the right to express his convictions and commitment to men and women who eat chicken and are faithfully married. >> reporter: those wednesday demonstrations reportedly gave the chain the most profitable day in its history. so in some ways the controversy has been good for the chain. it has lost customers but it
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has gained some. it issued a statement saying it, quote, treats everyone with honor, dignity, respect, regardless of their race, creed, gender. >> new at 11, putting the smack down on prostitution. prince george's county police officers have arrested 70 people on sex charges. the stings have targeted hotels in the college park area. in some cases, female officers posed as hookers and used online solicitation websites to lure johns to the hotels. a handful of women are also facing prostitution projects. investigators say prostitution is a gateway crime that leads to much more serious offenses. a brand-new scandal. investigative reporter russ sorts out the suspicions from the facts.
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the general jackson show boat entered the national debate wednesday, as the gsa was accused of booking it for a party. >> that may be some other third party. >> so there is no expense to the federal government for the general jackson steam boat that is having a party tonight? >> that is correct, to the to the best of my knowledge. >> reporter: we asked our sister station in nashville to send out crews to that boat. >> are you with the federal government at all? >> no. >> you never heard of gsa? are you with the federal government? >> no. >> reporter: during the hearing, republican congressman jeff dennen had tips from
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nashville that gsa conventioneers were staying at luxury suites. >> is there a gsa employee at the presidential suite? >> i don't know. >> it's over 3,000 a night. >> i don't know. i would hope not. >> reporter: we knocked on a presidential suite door. no answer. we did find signs identifying the gsa smart cards conference. and back at the general jackson, we found the man who said his company booked the entire cruise. >> is this with the gsa conference? >> it is not. >> who is paying for all this? >> reporter: he said there is no association with gsa. >> i signed the contract. i have it here in my hands. >> we want to see the travel expenses, what is the cost of the conference, what are the awards given out at the conference. >> reporter: today, congressman dennen didn't back down. >> we continue to investigate not only this conference but the same conference they did
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last year where they spent $1 million. >> do you have anything you want to update about the nashville thing? we couldn't find anything to nail it down. >> no, nothing new. i would add, i would just reiterate the same outrage i had in the past. >> reporter: tonight the gsa issued a statement saying the claims made about this are false. they have placed strict controls of travel and spending and misuse of taxpayer dollars is not tolerated. congressman dennen says he's not done in nashville and he's gathering evidence on 76 other gsa conventions as well. and more more question, how does one gsa worker get 100,000 in overtime pay? russ digs into the answer for monday night. derek? two prince georges county police officers are now facing charges after a shooting in february. this was back in february when
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an officer fired his weapon while struggling to arrest a 19- year-old that he thought was about to commit a robbery. an internal investigation refuted taylor's story and he's now charged with second-degree assault and for allegedly lying about what happened. >> our police department strives to be transparent in everything we do. this incident, sadly, is a reminder that we are a transparent police department. >> taylor has been suspended with pay for the last six months but that could all change at a hearing on monday, because prosecutors have dropped all charges against the 19-year-old man that taylor was arresting. an emotional carl ripkin jr. pleading for information in the kidnapping of his mother. >> if you know anything about the case, the identity of the person in the photos, the sketch, i would encourage all of you to call in and report
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what you know. >> violet ripken was abducted, then released in maryland last week. investigators believe the man in this video is responsible for the kidnapping but they still have no idea on a motive. police figured they had their man. they are now making it official. arlington county police are charging james sylvester caroline with the murder of a jewelry store owner. caroline was originally arrested on a probation violation. the dow finishing up with a nearly 220-point gain after a bit of positive news on the jobs front. private companies broke a four- month slump and added 163,000 jobs. however, the overall jobless rate kept up, because the survey showed more people are actively looking for work. both mitt romney and president obama were trying to use today's report to their
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advantage. romney spent part of the day campaigning in nevada, the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america. the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i put them in place and get america working again! >> meanwhile, the president spent his day right here in the nation's capital. >> those are our neighbors and family members finding the work and the security that comes with work. >> no president since world war ii has won reedepartment of corrections when the unemployment rate was above 8%. how is that beach weather looking, tom? >> beach weather looks great. in fact, that's the place to be. here's a look at the bay forecast first. tomorrow is fine too, 90 to 95.
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wind is not a problem, so waves are not a problem, but isolated storms could be a problem. the waves will be one to two feet. we may see a small craft advisory on sunday. so in addition to the winds, you still have the isolated thunderstorms to worry about an monday as well. the beaches are the place to be. sunshine, low to mid 80's on saturday. yes, an isolated thunderstorm possible but beach day is fine. by sunday, maybe mid to upper 80's, a slight chance of a thunderstorm. you go inland to get your groceries. temps will be in the 90's but by the water's edge, pretty nice. tomorrow, 70's to start. we're talking low 80's by 10:00. we'll come back and tell you just how hot it's going to get and what is going to happen to tropical storm ernesto. a recent accident at this
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home in fredericksburg. a drunk driver smashed through the home. the house is located on a bend that some people say is truly accident prone. the homeowner is thinking about putting up a barrier so this doesn't happen again. the sales tax holiday continues tomorrow and runs through sunday. most school supplies costing $20 or less and clothing items that is $100 or less all qualify. this is the time to load up on your pens, papers, jeans and sneakers. still ahead on 9 news, a story truly out of this world, we'll tell you about a new revolver landing on the red planet and what its mission will be. plus, a story that will make you smile. a local teenager
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a local teenager is a family hero tonight. when her mom went into labor, the 14-year-old had no choice
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but to spring into action. >> journalist hash picks up the story. >> reporter: most babies come into the world in a place like this, keyword, most. meet little don, the exception to that rule. >> i woke up with contractions really heavy. i went to call everybody to come and get us. nobody was available. finally my sister called back and when she called back, the contractions were back to back. >> reporter: she knew it was time, as in right now. >> i had to wake up my daughter so she could get up and help me. >> that's when i knew i would have to deliver the baby. >> i laid on the couch and started pushing. >> i was really scared. >> she called 911. they instructed her what to do. i pushed like four times and the baby came out. >> reporter: and her new little sister was quite the handful to catch. >> i didn't think she was going to be that big. >> 12 pounds, 5.2 ounces. >> that's a lot of baby in when
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she came out, she was okay. i was really happy. but the whole time, i was crying, because this wasn't supposed to happen. >> this is something we'll always remember, that she was born at home and her 14-year- old sister delivered her. >> i just want to give her a lot of kisses. >> reporter: in wood bridge, 9 news now. >> 12 pounds. mom and baby are expected to come home from the hospital tomorrow. the city of detroit's population has plummeted. unemployment is sky high and it has 13 billion in long-term debt. but the city turned out to be a lot richer than anyone thought. >> reporter: little joshua smith is only nine years old, so he couldn't quite understand why the park up the street from his house was so overgrown with weeds and trash. he couldn't play this. the grown-ups explained, the city is too broke to clean up.
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that apparently little joshua understood, because this past sunday, joshua opened his own lemonade stand to help detroit raise money to pay the bills. monday's take, a little disappointing, $32. but on tuesday, people had heard about this big-hearted boy, still innocent enough to believe that one guy with a dream and a lemonade stand was still enough to matter. donations and customers starting pouring in from all over the world, and joshua had $1,000 by wednesday. so he doubled that goal to $2,000. and he made that yesterday. what's more, he's heard from the detroit mayor, and the city council is giving him some sort of an award, and everybody wants to be a part of this, perhaps because they sense that it could be the start of something. no, not the $2,000 bucks. that won't make a dent in detroit's money problems. but if you could inspire just a
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few more citizens to have the can-do spirit of little joshua, all of a sudden, maybe you've got yourself a comeback. anita? >> maybe, derek. she's the first african- american to ever win the all- around gymnastics gold medal at the olympics. instead of celebrating her win, some black women are criticizing gabby douglas's hair in social media. log on, watch and weigh in on it's being called the world's largest crab feast. today thousands of people gathered at navy marine corps memorial. proceeds from this fest of
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summertime favorites go towards cultural organizations. touchdowns are expected to happen on sunday, on mars. two years after that, curiosity will be rolling around, searching for signs of whether mars was ever home to life. it can blast through rocks and identify what elements are inside. the landing is the tricky part. the spacecraft will go from 13,000 miles an hour to zero in just minutes. there's a cable that actually slows it down. >> how they get it to the surface intact. >> gotta go just right or it doesn't work out. >> i think the curiosity is a billion dollars, so we want to get it down solid. all right. we are looking at a hot
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weekend, pretty typical of a summertime weekend. we'll start with ernesto. there's another one behind this one that could become florence over the weekend. it's getting busy in the tropics. land fall could be as early as tuesday evening. right now, the national hurricane center keeps it a category 1 with 85-mile-an-hour winds. it does turn it into a hurricane monday afternoon or evening. we'll track this for you all weekend. the high was 96. dew point is 73. that's not good when dew points are in the 70's. just can't get cool at night.
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going to be hot this weekend. you'll need your shades. but afternoon storms, a few. some will be heavy. a few could be severe. you may even need your umbrella on monday. a cold front approaches on monday. don't get all excited about temperatures but it will give us a better chance for widespread shower and thunderstorm activity. overnight, we'll stay partly cloudy, lows in the 70's, winds at about five to ten. tomorrow, partly cloudy, 72 to 93 by lunchtime. air quality goes back to the moderate range. by afternoon, partly cloudy and some thunderstorms. highs near 95 and winds out of the south at about 10. 80 in oakland with storms. low to mid 90's in haigerstown.
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low 90's for leesburg. 947 downtown, 93 annapolis and mid 90's on the bay and in the water. the next three days, we'll remain code yellow. isolated storm tomorrow and on sunday. and a better chance for storms on monday. next seven days, in the wake of the frontal system, 90 on tuesday. we'll keep it dry. got tired of putting thunderstorm icons in there. >> getting into the tropics time. >> you know, i think rg3 heard you were talking bad about him. >> he got it going today. he said, dave owens, you don't know nothing. >> rg3, rg3 is hot during
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practice. i'm going to give you the details. the nats look for
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now 9 news sports with dave owens. folks, the nats comfy league is gone. from five to two and a half games, washington is going to have to dig deep. let's see how they did tonight. geo on the hill. strikeouts don't always equal wins, to wit, gonzo gave up nine hits. they didn't hit it hard. they just hit it where there were no humans. miami takes it, 5-2. jewel see gonzo right here. not happy. insert foul language there. i say night cap because we have
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a double dip today. adam laroche, meet the marlins. marlins, meet adam laroche. he's homered in five of his last ten games. they win 7-4. moving on to the redskins. rg3 came out on fire, went 10- for-12 in the early team drills and really got the ball out of his hands quickly. then in the afternoon, mike and carl shanahan began throwing a lot of situational stuff. things got sloppy. he says it's normal for that to happen but he doesn't want it to become a habit. >> it's kind of typical of a camp. but it's just not offense. it's defense, special teams. you just remind guys they've got to keep their concentration level going. we can't have lapses and expect to be a championship team.
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>> how about that, championship? michael phelps did it again. he put on an amazing burst. missy franklin continues her great olympic run, winning the 200-meter back stroke. bethesda's own katie ledecky wins gold in the 800-meter free. how about that katie? >> it was really great to swim right after missy and michael. their wins really pumped me up. when i walked into the room, michael gave me a high five and wished me good luck. that meant a lot to me. little league. great falls, virginia, our own, taking on tennessee. kyle novak,99 problems but a hit ain't one. great
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